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Western Machinery ElectricWestern Machinery Electric

Service Excellence

Western Machinery Electric has trained technicians and journeymen electricians who are experts at maintaining, installing and repairing power systems, electrical distribution and energy infra-structure. We dispatch world class service in California in support of your equipment. We have the experience & professionalism to do the job right!

We are available 24/7/365 by calling our 24 hour support number (800) 454-0125.

Preventive & Emergency Maintenance

Behind a good reliable power and distribution system are professionals performing proven maintenance procedures to assure your system does what is supposed to. We know common failure points and how to troubleshoot and solve existing and avoid costly problems. Our preventive maintenance agreements are designed to check sub-systems in a cost and task effective method providing your power system or infrastructure great reliability and life cycle value.? We tailor service programs to compliment your existing site personnel or completely maintain your infrastructure depending on your site specific needs.

Repairs, Overhauls and Modifications

We are a single source for power & energy infrastructure needs.?? Our capabilities are extensive:


50hp to 3000HP – evaluation, tuning, repairs, overhauls, emission retrofits to meet stringent air quality requirements, and preventive maintenance


Troubleshooting, repair, rewinds, retrofits, regulation upgrades, turn-key replacement, preventive maintenance, and thermal scanning

Electrical Distribution

Troubleshooting, repairs, upgrades, automation,? design build replacement, preventive maintenance, and thermal scanning


Building ASHRAE level 1 & 2 audits, EPA local entity building energy benchmarking, and site evaluation

Energy Asset Evaluation

Don’t replace your systems until we provide budgetary options allowing you to make the right decision. Determine whether repairing, modifying or replacing is your best option to maximize your asset valuation and reduce emissions and life cycle cost.

Thermal Scanning

Why do a scan?

A thermal scan is a means of detecting issues within distribution/equipment that shows what is serviceable and highlights precursors for failure on a NETA based scale.? The scan measures and visually records the level of heat and variance from ambient and like conductors. A scan is one of the best ways to discover and repair potential failure points. Excessive heat degrades equipment and distribution faster shorting it’s life cycle requiring more energy to do the same job.? Correction to acceptable specifications is a great way to avoid equipment failure,? burnt circuits, excessive energy costs and electrical fires.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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