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Western Machinery ElectricWestern Machinery Electric

Project Description

Union Street Plaza, San Francisco

WME performed infrastructure upgrades to bring this building constructed in the early 1970’s up to modern electrical distribution standards and helped lower the buildings energy use with energy measures implemented.? The building had existing distribution that wasn’t properly coordinated or grounded creating nuisance trips with carbon flashes evident throughout the buildings electrical rooms.

WME started with a site consult with the local building department for electrical room issues followed by designing, engineering, developing plans and acquiring PGE and SF building department permits to start the project.

The work required removing the existing 2500A gear in the electrical room and rewiring the 208 volt panels and 480 volt main gear sections in separate phases to a properly sized temporary distribution center all while keeping the building operational.? This was achieved during afterhours shutdowns to minimize the impact to the tenants in this 6 floor office center that has a 10 story underground parking garage, bank, restaurant, shoe store and retail besides the predominantly medical and business offices in this building located in an upscale area of San Francisco.

New Siemens 2500A gear was installed and a new ground fault breaker was installed at the PGE incoming section along with specially modified bus box connections to achieve the change.? A coordination study was completed and the building breakers where adjusted as detailed. A new grounding array was installed and tested in the garage area along with the ground fault operation.

New panels where installed through the building along with adding proper grounding and neutrals that had been lacking.? New transformers where installed.? The 50HP garage exhaust fan was upgraded to a VFD and tied for varying speeds based on a new CO monitoring system installed throughout the 10 story garage.

The building is continually completing pro-active energy efficiency measures such as piping insulation, lighting controls, Cogeneration, Solar and battery storage for demand reduction.? What started as a dated dysfunctional electrical and energy infrastructure has transformed into a cutting edge facility that will to create a thriving business and environment win, win for tenants and owners.

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